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Chinas aluminum processing industry world-renowned

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Chinas aluminum processing industry world-renowned

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As far as we know, aluminum metal products are becoming more and more widely used, so the world's aluminum products processing industry has been greatly developed, and the traditional aluminum products are no longer satisfied with the growing production needs and application strength, People pursue better performance, better precision, and more in line with the modern industrial production of the concept of sustainable development of aluminum). With the Chinese market demand for aluminum and aluminum processing industry attention, a number of strength of the aluminum company has gradually emerged as a sales field around the world's well-known aluminum company.

The advantage of aluminum is that the density is lower than that of ordinary metal materials, and in most environments or chemical contact, the excellent corrosion resistance of aluminum is an important reason for people to choose. And after processing of aluminum in the conductivity and thermal conductivity have been greatly improved. As well as in the processing performance of the performance improvement, as well as in line with the concept of sustainable development in the world, aluminum has become the best choice for many metal materials. With the development of the world's electronics industry, aluminum has a general metal does not have the special non-ferromagnetic, has become the electronics and the electrical industry irreplaceable metal materials.


Although China has been in a relatively backward state since the development of the world metal processing field, China's aluminum production process has also been leaping as the country has increased investment in the infrastructure sector and the rapid development of China's industrialized urbanization development of. At present, China in the aluminum processing field with high performance, high precision, and energy saving and environmental protection for the pursuit. And aluminum applications in the country is also very much, according to the statistics of the relevant departments in China's 124 industrial sectors, the use of aluminum products accounted for more than 90 percent of the total. Can imagine the great demand for China's aluminum market.

Although many domestic domestic goods quality have been detected a lot of shortcomings, resulting in a large number of people to buy non-domestic products, domestic products lost confidence. But the aluminum field is not the case, on the contrary, China's aluminum products in terms of product quality or production, have reached the world standard level, in the international advanced ranks, many aluminum companies have become well-known domestic and foreign aluminum the company.

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