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Auto parts manufacturers for your secret aluminum finishing process

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Auto parts manufacturers for your secret aluminum finishing process

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Refined aluminum products can be liked by everyone because of its reasons, in addition to its delicate and beautiful features, but also because it is cheap and lightweight. However, the finishing of aluminum products is not an easy task, in addition to the processing before its confirmation, but also after the inspection. Here is to introduce the process of finishing aluminum products.

First talk about the aluminum products finishing to confirm the work before, in fact, this part includes the confirmation of the contact, the workpiece processing blueprint and single program; confirm the size and shape of workpiece, the former section needs to process parts; on the basis of the surface of the wire cutting hole map confirmation. Of course, the processing procedure is needed to confirm, you can first use the program to check the documents of blueprint, drawing size is not consistent and the blueprint for examination, finally to inspect the program together, the focus is on the knife for cutting PITCH inspection, inspection, pre inspection on the workpiece to the amount, S, F on the cutting parameters of single surface inspection, X, Y, Z axis check key. Once found inconsistent, should be promptly returned to the Department responsible person.

Next, the inspection of aluminum products in the process of finishing. In the process also need to check the workpiece, namely to inspect the milling degree and engagement, and determine whether they require the program path consistent, if consistent, continue processing, if not to immediately investigate the reason, solution. In addition, in the process of dealing with the size of the inconsistency of the investigation, the procedures and mechanical values to confirm, until after the confirmation can be processed. As for the final examination, is not allowed to check again in the unloaded, and should be as undisturbed, check in the clamping condition, ensure the error does not appear aluminum products finishing process, the successful completion of the processing, the production can be used for trading products.

In fact, many of us are very fond of processed aluminum products, especially some small jewelry, small decorations, for girls with a different kind of temptation. Of course, in the daily life of refined aluminum products are more widely used. However, read this article you will also find that the aluminum products finishing is not a simple project, need enough patience and careful.

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