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The development of aluminum extrusion technology is another milestone in the field of aluminum industry

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The development of aluminum extrusion technology is another milestone in the field of aluminum industry

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Aluminum metal elements not only because it is a metallic element in the earth's crust is the highest and is widely used, and the natural oxide film also gives excellent corrosion resistance of aluminum and iron was fully replaced the application as the main materials of modern industrial enterprises. The popularization of aluminum extrusion technology makes the development of aluminum processing industry a big step forward.

What is the aluminum extrusion technology? Aluminum extrusion technology is a commonly used aluminum molding method, the use of aluminum extrusion technology will advance according to the aluminum section design good and complete the heating process in die extrusion forming machine. Through the aluminum aluminum extrusion production technology, not only improved in corrosion resistance, the metal strength, wear resistance and appearance are greatly improved, is widely used as a kind of advanced aluminum extrusion aluminum machining technology. The development of aluminum extrusion technology has greatly improved the production efficiency and production quality.

For aluminum extrusion technology, the use of equipment is very important. In the period of great development China aluminum processing industry, the aluminum extrusion technology gradually spread in the China, almost every aluminum processing factories are equipped with aluminum extrusion machine, although in terms of numbers, a large number of aluminum extrusion machine, but generally low level of small and medium-sized small tonnage aluminum extrusion machine, making a lot of aluminum by limit. In the high quality aluminum industry scope can be scarce, aluminum shortage, most can only be used for civilian areas. But with the rise of China aluminum processing industry, not only to buy a large number of foreign advanced aluminum extrusion equipment, for example, now some Trump step used in domestic aluminum extrusion equipment in terms of performance is not worse than abroad, even more suitable for domestic use Chinese. So it can be said that the popularity of aluminum extrusion technology, making the development of China's aluminum processing equipment field, on the other hand, also indirectly make the aluminum extrusion industry aluminum extrusion development.

Overall, the current domestic aluminum extrusion technology started late but was comparable with foreign, especially some strength of aluminum products company such as Sichuan PM using the latest generation of aluminum extrusion machine and improve the aluminum extrusion technology through the improvement, has reached the international standard in aluminum production and quality, and thus won the international the favor of the market.

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