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Aluminum Alloy aluminum base is how flat polishing and fine ash?

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Aluminum Alloy aluminum base is how flat polishing and fine ash?

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Flat polishing trough usually set the tank has two main purposes, namely to Aluminum Alloy by sand surface polishing treatment of flat polishing and fine ash.

The flat polishing: Pingguang polishing tank can generate a certain thickness of the oxide film, and can greatly increase the total brightness of aluminum alloy. Because of the anodic oxidation of Aluminum Alloy sand curved polished lost light, the first flat surface polishing treatment, light to form a layer of dense oxide layer, the luster is fixed, and then the anodic oxidation, greatly reduce the loss of light; in addition, Shenyang aluminum from the sand surface polishing to anodic oxidation before type washing, and may be stranded in the air or water washing tank if the first flat pitting, polishing trough, prefabricated chemical oxide film with certain thickness, leading to protect them, so as to avoid pitting or flowers in the washing tank prior to oxidation, improve the rate of finished products.

Fine ash removal: acid corrosion is very stubborn, it is difficult to clear the method, it will seriously affect the appearance quality of acid corrosion. Although most of the acid corrosion ash can be removed from the sand polishing tank, there may still be a few residues in some special conditions. Flat polishing trough can thoroughly remove the acid ash, so as to ensure the quality of Aluminum Alloy, and completely eliminate the acid ash coloring tank and the tank pollution.


Aluminum shell aluminum chassis plastic material is generally light, high hardness, a lot of engineering plastics and even more than the strength of metal. Due to the cost and lightweight considerations, lighter weight, small heat notebook can choose to design a better plastic cooling base. But if it is a larger weight, the higher the heat of the notebook or recommend the purchase of metal materials with good working heat sink.

First, the density of aluminum is very small, only 2.7 g/cm, although it is relatively soft, but can be made into a variety of aluminum alloy, such as aluminum, aluminum, aluminum, aluminum, etc.. These aluminum alloys are widely used in aircraft, cars, trains, ships and other manufacturing industries. In addition, space rockets, space shuttles, satellites also use a lot of aluminum and aluminum alloy. For example, a supersonic aircraft is made up of 70% aluminum and aluminum alloy. Many of the vessels were made of aluminum, and the amount of aluminum used in a large passenger ship was up to several thousand tons.

Two, the conductivity of aluminum is second only to silver, copper, although its conductivity as long as the copper 2/3, but as long as the density of copper 1/3, so the delivery of the same amount of electricity, the quality of aluminum wire as long as half of the copper wire. Aluminum oxide film on the surface is not only corrosion resistant, and has a certain insulation, so the aluminum industry in the electrical industry, wire and cable industry and the radio industry has a wide range of uses.

Three, aluminum is a good conductor of heat, it can be more than 3 times the thermal conductivity of iron, the industry can be used to produce a variety of aluminum heat exchanger, heat dissipation and cooking utensils, etc..

Four, aluminum has good ductility (its ductility is second only to gold and silver), at 100 DEG C to 150 DEG C can be made of thin aluminum foil at 0.01 mm. The aluminum foil is widely used for packing cigarettes, candy and so on, can also be made of aluminum wire, aluminum strip, aluminum products and various rolling.

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