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How to choose the three methods of motor casing

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How to choose the three methods of motor casing

Release date:2017-03-27 Author:Yicheng network Click:

The design of the motor shell is a combination of many technologies, such as integrated technology, control technology, testing and testing technology, in order to achieve efficiency, low loss and other purposes. So, how to choose the motor shell?

(1) the basic principle of the correct selection of motor shell: mechanical properties, motor shell starting and braking, speed control and other control performance should meet the mechanical characteristics and production process requirements, impact on the quality of power supply of the motor housing in the work process, the shell of motor power should be within the allowable range according to the work system and cooling method the situation in Kiev is scheduled to determine, should be in a limited range according to environmental conditions, operating conditions, installation mode, drive motor shell temperature rise, the selected motor shell structure, installation and protection, to ensure reliable operation of motor shell considering a few investment operation cost, the driving system of economy, energy saving reasonable and reliable.


(2) the daily maintenance of the motor housing is very important to reduce and avoid the failure of the motor in operation, the most important aspect of which is the inspection of the circuit and the elimination of any abnormal phenomenon. After the accident, it is necessary to reduce the number of accidents and improve the operation efficiency of the motor. Inside the motor is not allowed to enter the water, oil, dust, etc., and regularly remove the dust inside and outside the motor. Note that the load current should not exceed the rated value. Pay attention to check bearing heating, oil spills, especially in accordance with the provisions of refueling. Motor temperature rise can not exceed the rated value.

(3) the overload of asynchronous motor can be divided into the following situations. Caused by the drag of mechanical equipment. Such as irrigation and drainage machinery blocking the water, the shaft is not concentric, resulting in excessive motor load, or even blocking. Due to the poor working conditions of the motor itself. If the ventilation is poor, the ambient temperature is too high, the mechanical part of the motor failure and other reasons caused by overheating of the motor, insulation level. Even short. Due to the poor quality of the power supply of the construction machinery, such as the voltage is too low, three-phase imbalance and other reasons caused by the increase of motor current.

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